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World Retrogaming turns 6 years old

My madriña, it seems that was yesterday when I started writing the blog, and have already spent a whopping six years since then, how the time flies. In the end, since it remains for me to thank all the comentaarios left and all the good words that encourage me to continue writing, although lately the pace has dropped significantly due to my work and stay in Uk, that does not allow me to write so many analysis as I would like, having to do with the mobile, which is quite tedious. To make matters worse, now that I am vanaciones in my house in Galicia, I discover that you have loaded the PC, which prevents me from doing many things. I now do everything from a Raspberry pi that I purchased, but still not the domino, and I can not install all that I want because for some reason the recovery doesn’t let me connect to the network from home. But nothing happens. Well anyway, thank you for being there.SC72MFZEDV43Voir l’article original

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